Текст песни Diamond Child, Aayushi feat. Dillistone

A pair of old, a sadness to
Everything that's found is new,
And someone else's ticket saved
For a time that you know.

And did you see what happened here?
Feel like the diamonds in a room.
They were sleeping when you found them,
Made a castle of things that were new.

And when you're free, take a walk
Around the building that you drew,
And steal the person from a story
That you think no-one's heard of.

What happened here, oh did you feel?
Don't think you knew how much you were.
Just 'cause heads aren't perfect circles,
And they slept while you woke.

Wouldn't you like what happened here?
As if you lost something you love.
Look at pictures of the moonlight,
And try to pick out a favourite.

But did you know, like all the rest,
We keep our memories in a safe?
And all the inside is full of writing,
Like a ticket you saved.
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Diamond Child
Aayushi feat. Dillistone