[Royce da 5'9'':] What? Uhh...
[Eminem:] The Bad...
[Royce da 5'9'':] Yeah...
[Eminem:] The Evil...
[Royce da 5'9'':] Right, yo!
[Eminem:] Put 'em together!

[Royce da 5'9'':] Yo, if it wasn't for your whip, I'd have nuttin' to strip.
[Eminem:] If it wasn't for a wrist, I'd have nuttin' to slit,
If it wasn't for the shrooms, I'd have nuttin' to chew.
[Royce da 5'9'':] Yo...
[Both:] I'm just fuckin with you, cause I got nuttin' to do.

I am bored!!!!!
I came in the diner with skateboarders, and placed orders,
Ate hors d'oeuvres, and hit the waiter with plate warmers.
Let you inhale the glock smell, while I'm rippin your wallet off
And slippin a Molotov in your Cocktail (take that!)
Burnin your contracts, punch your A&R in the face,
Smash his glasses and turn 'em to contacts.
I'm on some shook shit,
If it's missin I took it (whoops!)
Nurse look at this straightjacket, it's crooked!
I go to jail and murder you from a cell!
Put a knife in an envelope and have you stabbed in the mail (FedEx).
So how do you describe someone, with a decapitated head
when the rest of his body's still alive runnin?

[Royce da 5'9'':]
Comin with five gunmen, waitin to do a drive-by,
So when you see the black 500 truc hide from it!
For every hundred MC's rhymin about birds,
Only about two-thirds'd really set it without words.
Yo, you ain't a thug, I can make you bitch up.
Pick the fifth up, cock, spit,
You would swear it's rainin slugs (what?)
I'm the hottest shit in the industry (uh!)
I got every thug on the block that get a wind of me defendin me.
You lack class and respect, get a direct backblast.
The Bad and Evil mad rap, I cover the Bad half.
You know how a thug in this shit'll end up,
Spit a round, lift your chin up,
You get hit, ten down and ten up (wow!)
I take it if you run your mouth,
Then you wanna get sent up,
Heat it up, you be leakin blood and spittin phlegm up.
Now we rivals, cause of a small name or title,
You stepped, got devoured and left with a flower and Bible!

[Chorus: 2x]

Forget a chorus, my metaphors are so complicated.
It takes six minutes to get applause (yay!)
And by the time you all catch on, I'ma end your career
And walk away with the whole floor, so you have nuttin' to fall back on!
I'll throw you off of ten floors (Ahhhh!)
Pull a fuckin headache outta my head, and put it in yours (take this!)
I'm indoors, waitin for this acid to seep in my skin pores,
To go outdoors and do some in-stores.
This bitch wanted to blow me, I said, "It oughta happen.
You swallow cum, bitch?" - "No, but I brought a napkin."
Gettin skullie while I'm autographin.
Got my daughter laughin
Cause I sent her mother whitewater raftin.
I'm not a fact, I'ma proven fear!
Mr. Rogers blocked up my U-haul screamin,
"Wait, wait, wait.. you ain't movin here!"
Lorena Bobbitt, c'mere, want a souveneir?
I've been high as fuck, since I was a juvi-neer.
Juvenile? Same difference - I need some 'caine.
cause I ain't sniffed
Since I woke up the seven slain infants.
(Oh my God!) Brain implants and they say there's a slim chance,
I won't stay the same cause I traded brains with a chimpanze!

[Royce da 5'9'':]
Walkin in swamp water with an M-16, out for the blood,
Shove a gun in the mouth of a thug!
To break braces, you say grace and make faces,
I'll display hate and break you in eight places (what?)
Take paces, turn around draw in a standoff,
Precise aim, icin my fame, blowin your hand off!
Dancin with the Devil leadin -
I won't die, I'm never leavin (what?)
I pledge allegiance to forever breathin,
Street niggaz with nuts, what? My meat's bigger (what?)
Fake-ass thugs with toy guns and cheap triggers,
With a deathwish, thinkin I'm the nigga to mess with
Let the tech lift, direct chest hit, melt your necklace.
For instance, you just a henchmen, on tough soil (what?)
A follower never had heart, he just loyal,
Thugs is glass doors,
I see through 'em, put the heat to 'em.
Be careful you might get what you ask for!

[Chorus: 2x]

The Bad... the Evil...
The Bad... the Evil...
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