Текст песни 50 Ways, Eminem, Paul Simon

[Verse 1:]
You probably gonna think that I'm talking
About you and you goddamn right I am
Look at you, this is the minimal I could diss you
Subliminally, but I think criminal instinct
Has pushed me to the brink, my pussy does it stink
He still loves me cause he puts me in his ink
He does, doesn't he, still is, isn't he?
Nah, I'm just playing tug of war with his heart
Cause he misses me
I can still fuck him and leave him whenever I feel frisky
And is no risk of disease cause he ain't with anyone is he?
This bitch really thinks she can get me
If she still wants me, driving across country
Strapped up to the front seat, missing all her front teeth
Thinking to herself when's the next time he's gonna punch me?
I told this cunt she's gonna over-do it once
And once she does, she was stuffed up in a trunk
Crunch, he scrunched her up in a ball
Bunched up nice and comfy
Fuck around get dumped up in a lake 'fore you dump me
You cunning little cunt, deceitful witch
You thought you had me, 'till my shrink told me this

The problem is all inside your head she said to me
The answer is easy if you take it logically
I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free
There must be 50 ways to leave your lover

[Verse 2:]
I feel like a serial killer
I keep dumping bodies in the lake
I'mma get caught and send up the river
I shiver when I think of the company I keep
How do I know she ain't gonna kill me when I sleep
I shriek, every time she hands me something to drink
Sex kept us together, when we slept together
Everything was all better, she made me feel like a king
Slowly, she began lowering my self-esteem
She go to the club and not answer the phone when I call her
And I just bought her a truck for 50,000 dollars
Accused me of doing drugs and scream 'n holla
Then I find a bag of coke on her, some marijuana
And all I know is every time I go
To them hiding spots, wherever she hides her blow
The little bags of dope, there was a pile of coke
That's growing smaller, and that was just a while ago
And I wouldn't even let on like I know
What was I supposed to do, call her out on it, we just argue
Say she put it there on purpose and flipped the whole script
Ooh she's a manipulative evil bitch
A cunning little cunt, little deceitful witch
She thought she had me, 'till my shrink told me this

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