Текст песни So Bad, Eminem

Yeah...you feel that baby?
Yeah, I feel it too. Damn.
You know...I'm so glad
We could spend this time together...
See, not as crazy
As you thought I was, am I?

I'm the American dream! I'm
The definition of whitetrash balling,
I'm right back on 'em
With the [scratches] I can't call it,
Same shit, different toilet,
Oh you got a nice ass darlin'!
Can't wait to get you into my Benz,
Take you for a spin,
What you mean we ain't fuckin',
You take me for a friend?
Let me tell you the whole story
Of Shady's origin,
You'll be sorry if you slam
My Mercedes door again now!
It all started with my father,
I must have got
My pimping genes from him,
The way he left my mama,
I'm a rolling stone just like him,
Word to Johnny Drama -
Keep my entourage with me!
Baby I'll make a promise
There ain't nobody as bomb as me,
I'm as calm as the breeze,
I'm the bee's knees,
His legs and his arms,
I'm a s-superstar girl,
I'm ready for you mama!
Why you think the only thing
I got on is my pyjamas?

So bad,
So good that I'm so bad,
Guarantee I'll be
The greatest thing you ever had,
Cause you ain't never met
Nobody like me,
And you ain't gonna wanna fuck
Nobody else again...

I'm equivalent to a shot of Cuevo,
First I kiss your navel,
Work my way down,
Baby you can lay down on the table,
But you may wanna find
Something more stable,
I told you I ain't fooling
From the gate,
This ain't the first day of April!
But thank you for staying April,
I'ma make you learn
To appreciate me, differentiate me
From these phoney
Little fishy and sissy fake Gs,
Skip over the huggy-bear
And all the kissyface please,
Initiate phase three,
Missy now service me!
Take another shot of Jager,
Shake it so nervously,
Take your time baby,
Ooh you're the bomb baby!
Ooh you're doing that
Even better than your mom lady!
I told you I'm Shady,
You didn't listen, now did you?
Relax woman, you know
That I'm only kidding with you,
Got a twisted sense of humour,
It's warped, but I didn't hit you,
I think you're finally starting
To get the picture, I'm...


Call me dynamite, dynamite,
Dynamite soul!
Call me dynamite, dynamite,
Dynamite soul!
I can hold you in the morning
But in the evening I gotta go...
'Cause I'm on to the next girl,
And the next girl
I kinda like, oh-oh-oh!

I got you caught up in the rapture,
Make you recapture
The feelings you had
For your last boyfriend
Before he slapped you,
You never wanted someone so bad,
You're sweating
But if I'm what you wanted,
Why'd you panic when I grabbed you?
Girl don't be so frantic,
I'm just a hopeless romantic,
Don't try to fight the feeling
Of something that's so organic,
You can't ignore it
so don't just stand before it,
Just drop them panties to the floor,
Let's get to camcordin'.
Damn shorty, I told you
This was bound to happen,
Soon as you wrote
Your number on a napkin
I was bound to work
A number on your back and
Throw your spine out of alignment,
My love has got you so blind that
You couldn't pick Amy Winehouse
Out of a lineup,
So stop at the store, pick a pint up,
Let's get
the pineapple Schnapps going,
No one'll knock
Cause I'ma hang a sign up
Saying "Don't disturb",
Shorty I'm so superb,
I say the right things,
Don't I spit the dopest words?




Haha... Dr. Dre...
2010... light years ahead of you...
Haha... Whoo!
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