Текст песни Unaccommodating, Eminem

Oh, this what we doin'? Amen

[Verse 1: Young M.A]
Wobble wobble, shake it, shake it, break it, break it
Unaccommodating - Eminem 「Songtext」

Oh, this what we doin'? Amen

[Verse 1: Young M.A]
Wobble wobble, shake it, shake it, break it, break it
Nigga we made it, they hate it, hate it
Pro, professional, pure persistent, I'm paper chasing
I hate complaining, I hated waiting, I'll pay for patience
But I hate to pay a bill and I made a mil without a major deal
Yeah, her ass fake but she came for real
Money ain't a thing, that ain't a thing for real
It's the broke lingo (Huh) and no, ain't nothing Saweetie
Man, I just get high, let my hoes lay low
I just want some face but this is no facial
Do right and kill everybody, Drake mode (Hello)
Bitch, I'm tryna eat out, take your plate mode (Hello)
Disrespect your life and I'm in gang mode (Grrr)
You can leave this earth, bitch, I'm in rake mode
I'm in cake mode, I'm in brave mode
What up Marshall? I'm a martian, I'm in Wayne mode (Facts)
Neck wet, big drip, I'm in rain mode
Eight niggas, eight hittas, take eight souls (Brrr)
Collect pesos, and I'm paid so
Self-made goals, when the pain leaves, where does the pain goes?
Tip of the backwood is where the flame goes
To the sky is where my brain goes
Same pack, same fiend, sellin' the same clothes
Pinocchio on my pistol, they got the same nose
Me and my niggas gotta eat, we share the same stove
Case closed, bodies in my lane, bitch, lane closed

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Game over, Thanos on you h-oes
On my petty shit but I don't paint toes
Get the plunger 'cause Marshall and M.A go plum crazy
Call us slick with plumber, 'cause even Dre know
[?] detox, you're gonna need three spots
Police officers
Please dawg
I need y'all to keep talking shit 'cause I feed off it
I am the complete opposite of these retards who spit these weak bars, I'ma leave carnage
[?] so toxic, it'll block the eospog
Stop it, cutting off your oxygen
Hit them pads like a boxing gym
Better watch for Slim
I'm on top and I'm not gonna stop
But when they ask me is the war finished with MGK? Of course it is
I cleansed him of his mortal sins, I'm God, I'm the Lord, forgives even the devil worshippers
I'm moving on but you know your screwballs are gone when you're born with Lucifers' horns
And you're from the school of Notorious

But you know
Just teach
Showed them all the blueprint and formula
But it seems like the more they studied my music, the more they remind me of eyeballs, I'm watching my pupils get cornier
But I'm contemplating
I'm outside of an Ariana Grande waiting
Here comes Saddam Hussein
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