Текст песни You're Never Over, Eminem

The days are cold living without you,
The nights are long, I'm growing older,
I miss the days of old,
Thinking about you,
You may be gone, but you're never over.

If Proof could see me now,
I know he'd be proud,
Somewhere in me deep down
There's something in me he found
That made him believe in me,
No no one can beat me now,
You try, it'll be them doors
On Dre's phantom, believe me clowns.
That means suicide homie,
You'll never throw me
Off of this course, blow me,
Bitch I do this all for the sport only
But I want it all,
I'm not just talking awards homie
And the balls in my court,
And it's lonely on top of the world
When you're the only one
With the balls in your shorts
To leave them jaws
On the floor with no remorse,
Remember that when they
Get to doggin' you boy homie.

So y'all can just get
To bloggin' about bologna,
I'm not gonna stop the saga,
Continue, no stoppin' the force, Obi!
I'm moppin the floors with them,
I keep tryna pass it
But they keep on droppin’ the torch,
And it won't be long
Til this sport is O-V-E-R,
Just blazin' and we knockin' them doors
And no we
Ain't pumpkins on Halloween
But we'll show up on your porch,
So be careful what you say.
There ain't no punks over here
So follow me through the fog
Like I'm S-N-double-O-P,
Let me guide you through the smoke, G,
If only I wasn’t
Travellin' down this road by my lonely,
No one who knew me like you
Will ever know me,
I don't think you understand
How much you meant to me...


And it don't stop ooh,
And it don't quit ooh,
And it don't stop ooh,
And it don't quit ooh,
And I miss you ooh,
I just miss you ooh,
I just miss you ooh,
Homie, I'll never forget you, no.

For you I wanna write
The sickest rhyme of my life
So sick it'll blow up the mic,
It'll put the dyna in mite,
Yeah, it'll make the dopest MC wanna
Jump off a bridge and shit hisself,
Tap-dancin' all over the beat, it'll
Jump off the page and spit itself.
Yeah it's the best thing I could do
Right now doodi for you is to rap,
So I'mma fuck til' I die,
Yeah I'mma do it to death,
And instead of mourning your death
I'd rather celebrate your life,
Elevate to new height,
Step on the gas and accelerate.

I'mma need two mics
Cuz the way that I'm feelin’ tonight,
Everything I can just do right,
There's nothing that I can do wrong,
I'm too strong and I'm just too hyped,
Just finished the rhyme and bust it,
And excuse the corny metaphor,
They'll never catch up
To all this energy that I've mustered.
So God just help me out while I fight
Through this grievin' process,
Tryna process this loss
Is makin' me nauseous,
But this depression
Ain't takin me hostage,
I've been patiently watchin' this game,
Pacin' these hallways.
You had faith in me always, Proof,
You knew I'd come out of this slump,
Rise from these ashes,
Come right back on they asses,
And go Mike Tyson on these bastards,
And I'mma show 'em,
Blow 'em out the water,
Slaughter 'em homes,
I'll own so many belts the only place
They can hit me is below 'em.

Homie I know I'm
Never gonna be the same without you,
I woulda never came in this game,
I'm going insane without you.
Matter of fact,
It was just the other night,
Had another dream about you,
You told me to get up, I got up
And spread my wings and I flew,
You gave me a reason to fight,
I was on my way to see you,
You told me nah Dudey,
you're not layin' on that table.
I knew I was gonna make it,
Soon as you said think of Hailie,
I knew there wasn't no way that I
Was gonna ever leave them babies,
And Proof,
Not many are lucky enough
To have a guardian angel like you,
Lord I'm so thankful,
Please don't think
That I don't feel grateful, I do,
Just grant me the strength that I need
For one more day to get through,
So homie this is your song,
I dedicate this to you,
I love you dudey.


And it don't stop ooh,
And it don't quit ooh,
And it don't stop ooh,
And it don't quit ooh,
And I miss you ooh,
I just miss you ooh,
I just miss you ooh,
Homie, I'll never forget you, no.
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